Seismic Apparition™ is a Seismic Shift

Seismic Apparition GmbH offers advanced seismic data acquisition, processing and imaging services. Through groundbreaking research and backed by the industry we have pioneered and developed a paradigm shift in understanding sampling requirements with broad applications for acquisition, processing, imaging and inversion of seismic data. This offers fundamentally new perspectives on seismic data acquisition with true acquisition-geometry independent 3D solutions.

What We Do

Seismic Apparition GmbH is developing a series of offerings to be used by seismic acquisition companies to improve seismic quality whilst simultaneously improving productivity.

Source Isolation, the first, will transform the seismic market by providing full-fold, full-length isolated shot data without any of the compromises and constraints inherent in all other techniques for simultaneous source acquisition practiced in industry today.

Source Isolation™

Source Isolation gives reservoir quality data from exploration configurations

Source Isolation provides full-fold, full-length records from multiple adjacent sources

Source Isolation uses the science of signal apparition combined with proprietary methods for data acquisition and reconstruction to isolate a set of quasi-parallel adjacent shots into areas of the f-k spectrum that contain no signal.

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