Development-Ready Towed Exploration

Whether multi-client or energy-company proprietary, frontier exploration is the lifeblood of building a new reserves base. Unfortunately, as the “easy pickings” in the world’s basins are exhausted, the pressure to look deeper, more remote and often quite radical plays in a heavily cost-constrained environment is relentless. To enable this, the world has largely moved to some sort of triple source configuration, usually with some sim-source element. This is acknowledged to mean loss of low frequencies, mid-record interference to be deblended away in later processing, and drop of fold, all of which raises exploration risk and uncertainty.

Source Isolation® on the other hand, gives full-fold, full-length, full-band data that is proven to be 4D suitable – but with 4 or more smaller sources that enables today’s mid-sized vessels to be optimised:

  • Quad SI with 200m between streamers reduces front-end drag and allows wider overall tow
  • Full-fold data and InfraBoost low-frequency enhancement opens the door to better inversion, AVO, demultiple and pre-stack analyses while reducing overall cost
  • Reservoir quality data from exploration spreads may eliminate the cost and delay of a pre-development survey altogether
  • Source Isolation carried out immediately after acquisition gives a fully separated output dataset and enables freedom to choose the best for acquisition and processing