e-friendly acquisition

Today’s marine sources are dimensioned to image deep reflectors, where the recoverable energy bandwidth is often limited to 20Hz or less. Experimental evidence shows that a single sub-array is often sufficient for the first 2-3 seconds of data. Source Isolation and Source Revolution both deploy sources fired in relatively close proximity – from 15 to 100m apart and a few tens of milliseconds apart. Using InfraBoost to combine the low frequency energy means that individual sources can often be reduced to a single sub-array – thus reducing sound peak levels (SPL) to 1/3 or less of conventional approaches but with enhanced low-end energy.

  • Works with both Source Isolation and Source Revolution
  • Encoding sequences can be designed to ensure no two sources ever fire at the same time
  • Source firing times spread over ~20-100ms – thus drastically reducing SPL
  • Sources are separated laterally but are deployed from a single vessel thus eliminating possible “Pincer effect” of multiple source vessels
  • Survey durations are reduced, thus limiting SEL
  • Reservoir quality data may enable a pre-development survey to be eliminated altogether, thus reducing the number of surveys