“More for Less”

Using Seismic Apparition as part of your next project plan will help improve outcomes whatever your survey objectives. Even if your project plan is a triple source configuration, using Source Isolation® means full fold, better low end energy, improved confidence in field QC and reservoir quality data with no complicated and potentially uncertain deblending during later processing stages. There is much more, though:

Timeline scenario for one exploration to first 4D model for a satellite development
  • Go from Triple to Quad SI and choose between higher productivity with the same bin size or improve resolution with the same productivity – there is no data quality or fold price to pay
  • Optimise the way mid-sized 3D vessels are used – a standard Quad SI with 25m x-line bins means 200m between streamers, reducing bollard pull and potentially increasing total spread
  • Replacing receiver lines with more (smaller) source lines makes the most of today’s channel-limited crews and vessels.
  • OBS productivity need never be source limited with Source Revolution™. Instead, you have the freedom to take full advantage of today’s highly automated and efficient crews to achieve the next level in high quality OBS data productivity
  • Speed up PRM projects; with full fold built-in, it doesn’t matter where the vessel is provided the source lines are re-populated. So aim high and cut your repeat cost in half of less.
  • Reservoir-quality data from even frontier exploration means not only shorter surveys, but perhaps eliminating a pre-development survey altogether – this will cut a year or more off your time to first oil and also take out the cost of the infill survey.
  • Residual shot noise attenuation – either as part of a more conventional project or in combination with increased source productivity – gives more reliable exploration analysis