Towed Reservoir and 4D Repeat

Traditional reservoir seismic has been single source, and 50m between streamers. As an ever-increasing proportion of the world’s reservoirs are facing shut-in in the coming years, the pressure to manage what remains and identify additional low-cost tie-in satellite reserves to extend infrastructure life, this approach is a significant cost. Using conventional 3D vessels with Source Isolation enables full-fold, reservoir and 4D suitable data at close to half the cost, allowing larger survey areas to be considered but still reducing overall acquisition budget.

  • Triple SI with 150m between streamers can be done with any mid-sized 3D vessel
  • Full-fold data and InfraBoost low-frequency enhancement opens the door to better inversion, AVO, demultiple and pre-stack analyses while reducing overall cost
  • 4D data quality and no need for deblending later in processing leads to cleaner, faster results.
  • Combined brownfield exploration/re-development and 4D can be combined in one cost-effective survey