What We Do

Seismic Apparition GmbH proudly introduces a seismic data acquisition and processing product family based around signal apparition – a signal processing advance introduced by Robertsson et al. (2016).

The Seismic Apparition® family is designed for today’s business needs: consistently doing more for less, but without the inherent compromises associated with more conventional approaches. The science of signal apparition enables signal to be moved into empty fk space, whilst Seismic Apparition’s proprietary techniques enable high-fidelity separation of the residual combined energy to generate fully isolated data.

Individual output sources are fired a few tens of milliseconds apart, according to a pre-defined non-random encoding sequence; all sources fire together to give full-fold data. See how Seismic Apparition® help reduce your costs while simultaneously increasing the value of your data. Or click on the area of interest in the table below to see how you can reduce cost and improve data value at the same time, using Seismic Apparition.

Data Value Deghosted Source
Residual Shot Noise Attenuation
InfraBoost Extended LF SNR
Full-fold, full-length data
e-friendly acquisition
Source Productivity Source Revolution 8-plus sources
Source Isolation Hex-SI (6)
Quad SI (4)
Triple SI (3)
“More for Less” — Seismic Apparition® reduces costs whatever you decide to do Development-ready Exploration Reservoir and 4D Repeat Reservoir, re-development and PRM Exploration and Sparse Receiver
Towed Marine Ocean Bottom Seismic and Permanent
Available Now
Future Service
Potential Future Offering

Seismic Apparition benefits you in four ways:

  • Acquisition productivity improvements:
    • Source Isolation® (SI) gives full-fold, full-length, reservoir quality data with up to six output source lines for either towed or OBS marine configurations
    • Source Revolution™ (SR) for OBS (source carpet) goes well beyond, providing up to 9 output source lines or more but with the same sampling requirements and data quality as Triple SI.
  • Data quality improvements:
    • Both SI and SR provide full-length, full-band, full-fold data that are proven to be 4D suitable from exploration spreads; no need to choose between quality and cost!
    • Apparition works with adjacent sources, which allows the low frequencies to be considered as one large source; we call this InfraBoost
    • Signal apparition can also be applied to eliminate the interference from previous shots, thus generating extremely robust residual shot noise attenuation
    • Raw field data from Apparition looks like regular data, so field QC is unchanged and gives you confidence in the final data quality before demobilization
  • Environmentally friendly:
    • InfraBoost means the conventional approach of scaling sources for deep data recovery can be abandoned; much smaller sources can be used, often just a single well-tuned sub-array, thus limiting and spreading overall energy output
    • Where required, Seismic Apparition can define sequences that specify that no two output sources ever fire together; this limits SPL to a single output source.
    • The unmatchable productivity of Source Isolation and Source Revolution means that each survey is considerably shorter.
    • Since even frontier exploration surveys with SI are reservoir-quality data, that may eliminate a need for a pre-development survey altogether
  • Reduce your costs, whatever your data quality requirements:
    • Source Isolation and Source Revolution re-balances acquisition effort towards source – and small sources at that. This means expensive and limited receiver resources can be used more cost-effectively:
    • High source multiplicity reduces survey duration, meaning lower vessel costs
    • Reservoir quality data could mean fewer surveys ahead of development
    • Options for high-resolution data from exploration spreads offers the potential for massive savings in infrastructure costs with a far clearer image of the reservoir