Robin Walker joining Seismic Apparition GmbH

Robin Walker joining Seismic Apparition GmbH

Seismic Apparition GmbH is delighted to announce that Robin Walker is joining the company as Commercial Director. Robin is well-known in the oilfield services area, in particular with more than 30 years’ experience in the seismic sector, most of it with WesternGeco and its predecessor companies. Most of Robin’s time has been spent in commercial roles, most recently as VP Sales and Marketing at WesternGeco for five years, with a particular interest in the introduction and growth of new technology. Robin will take on primary responsibility for formulating and introducing a series of new value-adding services and products based on the technologies which Seismic Apparition is developing. His long-standing and deep understanding of the fundamentals of the upstream exploration and production market, as well as long-established contacts with both seismic and energy companies will be of particular value. Robin is committed to spending a significant proportion of his time with Seismic Apparition but will continue to run his own business, No2ndPrize.

Johan Robertsson, CEO of Seismic Apparition GmbH, said, “We had asked Robin to help us turn our unique technology, for which we have filed several patents, into clear value-added services, as a consultancy project. It became clear that with our continuing R&E focus on developing a future pipeline of new high value technologies, it would be useful to suggest Robin join the team on a permanent basis. Given his track record of defining and successfully bringing new products to market in our shared past in WesternGeco, I am very happy to have him as a permanent member of the team”.

Robin Walker, Commercial Director of Seismic Apparition GmbH and Founder of No2ndprize Ltd, said, “When I set up No2ndPrize, I was aiming to help B2B companies improve their business performance and success in introducing new technology, without thinking about seismic in particular. However, once I had engaged with Seismic Apparition and understood how fundamental their technology is to the future of improving seismic productivity but without compromising on quality, I was very happy to be asked to contribute a proportion of my time to it long term. The team is technically extremely strong and the science exemplary, both of which will, in my view, lead to significant market interest as the recent agreement with Magseis indicates. I shall continue to share my time between Seismic Apparition and No2ndPrize.”

About Seismic Apparition

Seismic Apparition GmbH is based in Zurich, Switzerland, and is a technology-focused company which is developing a series of products to be used by seismic acquisition companies to improve seismic quality whilst simultaneously improving productivity. Source Isolation, the first offering, will transform the seismic market by providing full-fold, full-length isolated shot data without any of the compromises and constraints inherent in all other techniques for simultaneous source acquisition practiced in industry today. The intention is to enable seismic contractors to provide reservoir quality data from exploration configurations. Seismic Apparition continues to build a strong patent portfolio to protect its technology.