What We Do

Seismic Apparition GmbH proudly introduces a seismic data acquisition and processing product family based around signal apparition – a signal processing advance introduced by Robertsson et al. (2016).

The Seismic Apparition® family is designed for today’s business needs: consistently doing more for less, but without the inherent compromises associated with more conventional approaches. The science of signal apparition enables full recovery of individual simultaneously excited source responses in an optimally large region of frequency-wavenumber space, whilst Seismic Apparition’s proprietary techniques enable high-fidelity separation of the residual combined energy to generate fully isolated data.

Seismic Apparition’s Source Revolution® works with both towed marine or OBS acquisition configurations.  Individual output sources are typically fired a few tens of milliseconds apart, according to a pre-defined non-random encoding sequence; all sources fire together to result in unprecedentedly well-sampled and full-fold seismic data.  This optimises productivity and value by ensuring optimal pre-stack data quality that can then be used for any processing sequence desired. The proprietary heteroscale approach ensures full-band data (proven at over 120Hz) and repeatability that matches a single-source repeat line.

  • Data quality improvements:
    • Seismic Apparition’s Source Revolution® results in full-length, full-band, full-fold data that are
      • proven to be 4D suitable from exploration spreads
      • highly suitable for complex imaging and challenging multiple elimination as a result of the uncompromised adequately sampled source grid
    • Broad-band acquisition: Apparition-based encoding allows for encoding sources that are close to each other in space and time.  At low frequencies, this results in constructive amplification which boosts SNR.
    • Signal apparition can also be applied to eliminate the interference from previous shots, thus generating robust residual shot noise removal
    • Raw apparition-encoded field data looks like regular data, so field QC is unchanged and gives you confidence in the final data quality before demobilization
  • Environmentally friendly:
    • Smaller sources can be used without compromising on the low-frequency side of the spectrum
    • The unmatchable productivity means that each survey is considerably shorter
    • Since even frontier exploration surveys are reservoir-quality data, it may eliminate a need for a pre-development survey altogether
  • Reduce your costs, whatever your data quality requirements:
    • Seismic Apparition’s Source Revolution® re-balances acquisition effort towards source. This means that expensive and limited receiver resources can be used more cost-effectively
    • High source multiplicity reduces survey duration, meaning lower vessel costs
    • Reservoir quality data could mean fewer surveys ahead of development
    • Options for high-resolution data from exploration spreads offers the potential for massive savings in infrastructure costs with a far clearer image of the reservoir

With more than 20 field acquisitions with up to 6 simultaneous sources on three continental shelves, Seismic Apparition’s technology has proven to bring the Source Revolution® to exploration as well as time-lapse for both OBS and towed marine applications.  Contact us to discuss how our technology can be tuned to solve your specific problem.  Seismic Apparition’s Source Revolution® can easily be scaled beyond 6 sources depending on needs and available acquisition configurations.

GoM ultra-low frequencies with ambient noise